Join one of our experienced instructors exploring some of the best (and secret..shhhhh) kiteboarding spots on the East Cape!

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No Wind Excursion to Punta Pescadero

Join one of our outstanding instructors in a private day kiteboarding tour of the east cape. Whether you want to improve your skills on waves or flat water, or just want to explore, we have plenty of options to meet any ability.

Included in your personalized kite tour is kiteboarding equipment, surf or SUP boards, instruction with our state of the art 2 way radio system, lunch and transportation.  10am-4pm

Daily rate $350

Downwinder along the East Cape. Ride past beautiful, untouched beaches, towering mountains, and spectacular marine life. Options include:

ExotiKite-Buena Vista Beach Resort | 11 miles | $40/person | min 4 people
ExotiKite-Rancho Leonero | 13 miles | $55/person | min 3 people
ExotiKite-La Ribera | 17 miles | $75/person | min 3 people

Every once in a while there is a day with no wind.  But that doesnt mean sitting around!  Join us on a snorkeling and SUP tour to Punta Pescadero.   A thirty minute along a stunning, rugged coast line, lands you on a pristine beach where very often you are the only person there.  Just meters off the waters edge lies coral heads and tock outcroppings housing thousands of fish, eels, lobsters, and even turtles! 


Day rate $75/person, minimum 3, lunch included

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